Automating Your Business Receipts

I've created about a 10 minute video on how to automate your receipt capture. Why? The IRS requires documentation of any expense; you can read more about the requirements in Publication 463.

For us the two primary ways we capture receipts: the first is using the Shoeboxed phone app to take a phone of physical receipts and the second is taking email receipts and turning them into a pdf which are then emailed to Shoeboxed. The real problem for me was in the second part of that capture process: turning email receipts into pdfs that are email to Shoeboxed. This seems easy the surface but after processing several of these everyday you soon realized there has to be a better way.

I've looked at many different solutions one being an Automator script which required you to use Mac Mail. While this worked well, I don't use that app for email normally, so I had to open the app when I wanted to process receipts. So again I looked for an alternative, I was convinced I could find a service that turn emails into pdfs: nope, I still have anyone that does this.

I had tried a few times to find a solution using Zapier. I think after about my 15th try I found it. It's fairly simple but is not one click solution.

Here's the solution

When you have a receipt open you can just Print and save the output as a PDF to a Dropbox folder. Using Zapier when a file is add to a specific Dropbox folder it triggers an email to Shoeboxed.

Here are Bookmarks to specific points in the video:


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