Gumroad Sales Tracking with Google Analytics Goals

I'm going to show you how I used the Gumroad created events to complete Google Analytics Goals. Why? Because this is the only way that I can then associate conversions to a MailChimp Campaign. As of this writing, Gumroad's conversion tracking is currently limited to sending Google Analytics Events. Now you could create a custom report to display clicks and purchased events but that's not helpful if you want to see that information in your last MailChimp campaign.

Google Analytics Goals is feature that helps you keep "success metrics." You will most likely use Goals as a way to track a customer purchase but you can also use Goals to track newsletter signups, creating accounts, or when a user uses your contact form. Google even added an number of suggestions to the Goals wizard as you can see below.

Goal Suggestions

The Google Analytics Ecommerce feature is specifically focused on tracking shopping carts and sales with much more information such as each item purchased, SKUs, tax, shipping etc.

The steps I show are for new Universal Analytics accounts from Google Analytics but should still be helpful for either version.

On Gumroad Settings page, once you add your Google Analytics account they will begin to send Google Analytics Events.

Gumroad GA setting

The Gumroad events Category consists of "product-" + the unique id from the url

Event Categories

Event Label's are "clicked 'I want this!' button", "viewed product", and "purchased a product" and these are probably the only event's where you might see different values. Event Action's consist of: viewed, iwantthis, and purchased.

Event Actions

Follow these steps to create a Goal that is trigger by certain events.

Step 1: We want track a purchase.

Step 1 in creating a Goal

Step 2:Create a label.

Step 2 in creating a Goal

Step 3: Configure your Category and Action. Our products change every week so we need be less specific and find any Event category that starts with "product-". The only action we care about for this goal is "purchased."

Step 3 in creating a Goal

That's it. Save and verify your Goal.

One problem with the way Gumroad is currently submitting these events is that they don't include the event value. Not all events need a value but certain the "purchased" event sent by Gumroad should include the value. I've emailed Ryan Delk at Gumroad to see if this is something they'd be willing to change. You would assume that since Gumroad is an ecommerce platform that at some point they are going include Ecommerce information which is much more detailed and valuable.

Below is our Jan 1st MailChimp campaign. I just made this update this past weekend so there hasn't been enough time for our successful Gumroad Goals to show up in any of our recent campaigns. Only Ecommerce sales show up in the revenue so the only statistic that would be effected in this example is the Conversation Rate. It's a shame the Goal labels you created don't come over. You have to reference back to the GA Goals to figure out which goals succeeded.

Jan 1 Mailchimp

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