What I've Learned Writing My First Book & Why Your Customers Need Reminders

The biggest thing that surprised me was how completely unprepared I was to actually write a book. It started so disorganized. I initially thought that the subject of retargeting wouldn't be any more than 20 or 30 pages. But without even trying I ended up at over 60 pages of content.

The goal of writing this book was never about making money for me; it was purely about writing a book and providing something that was really useful to people. I'm a huge admirer of Kathy Sierra's work. And my only goal was creating a product that would make people badass.

How can my book Return and Retargeting Advertising make you badass?

Retargeting Ads are reminders. These reminders are badass because it gives you a 2nd chance you did not have before. When you retarget, you present ads to people who have already been to your website and that have much more likely to buy from you.

They won't work for everyone but even Amazon.com can't get everyone to buy on each visit.

You need to stay present in the minds of potential customers. Not everyone to going to join your email list or like you on Facebook. Two years ago, there was nothing like Perfect Audience that small businesses could use to save customers.

Now however you can remind potential customers of your products. You can use it get them back to your website.

Everyday there are people on your website that want to buy but do not buy because of any number of external factors: they don't get paid until friday or need to check with their spouse. You can't not control these external factors but you can save this customers by using retargeting.

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