Podcasts πŸ”Š

Podcasts πŸ”Š

I started listen to podcasts in 2006 when you still had to download them into iTunes, plug you iPod into a computer, and then sync the mp3 files over. You'll notice a pattern as my interests shift based on my current interests.

My heavy podcast listening period happened before 2010 filled with Leo Laporte's Twit.tv such as This Week in Tech, Security Now, Windows Weekly, and FLOSS Weekly. I listened to every episode while I commuted in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York City. Public transportation is noisy as hell requiring me to listen at a deafening volume, so now I live with mild hearing loss and tinnitus.

From 2010 to 2016, practically everything I listened to was business related Jason Calacanis's This Week In Startups, The James Altucher Show, This Week in VC, Mixergy, The Startup Chat

Since about 2016, I've mostly listening to Astrophysics and Astronomy podcasts. StarTalk Radio got me into learning more about space, and I still love it there's just a lot of content on their shows that aren't about space. If you hard core science news and updates about recent discoveries in Astronomy: Space Nuts, and Astronomy Cast are great for that. Β Otherwise, I will occasionally grab an episode of something business related I think is interesting.

Private Podcasts

I have a private feed where a group of 20+ friends that share updates about their business and can ask the group for feedback which is usually delivered in a private Slack channel.

Recording audio anywhere, give them access to the Google Drive folder so they can upload the mp3s. Zapier can be used to create the private podcast feed.