Something to Lean On

Something to Lean On

Whenever I start working with a new programming language, or trying to figure out how to expertly detail my car. I often go looking for a set of best practices. Over my life, I start looking for these sets of best practices earlier and earlier in the process.

The realization I've had it that's it gives me something to anchor against; something to lean on. As I struggle get comfortable with this new thing, at least have a set of 5 or 10 best practices that are pillars of what expert implementation looks like.

Human's love to reason by analogue, so one might say I'm building a house. Understanding best practices becomes a section of the foundation or a few the support structures of the house. If you really want build the house, it's going to be a lot more work but a lot of heavy lifting has already been done for you. There are seemingly endless videos, courses, and posts available to break the tension of not knowing. Now that's you've got something in your house you can start to imagine to take next steps.

When I wanted to learn how to detail my car, I found a few short detailing videos on Youtube. Getting just a few bits expert knowledge made me feel empowered to move forward.

Next to time you are considering buying a non-fiction book or before you start by looking over the table of contents first. It's going to give you a really great overview of what it's all about.

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